And So Train the Young Women…

Summer time! I was reminded this summer by a gifted women’s ministry teacher who taught on Titus 2: 3-5, “And so train the young women to love their husbands, and children, to be self-controlled, pure, to work in their homes and to do good…….”


I have had the privilege to help in this ministry for 4 years. I am currently helping as a   Coordinator for the Santa Ana YL Ministry. Although we might take on different tasks within the ministry I have gotten to meet many different young teen moms in the Costa Mesa and Santa Ana areas. This past June, I was able to witness a handful of teen moms  graduate from the ministry. Although the young mamas have graduated, it’s tough to not think of or pray for them. In the past, I would get together with some of the teen moms at my house or other outside YoungLife events called Campaigners (a bible study & craft event). Some of the young mamas contacted me since they missed our small intimate get-togethers. During the summer God moved everyone’s schedule around and we were able to get together for dinner. And guess what? The girls were even able to get baby sitting for the evening! We met up at Gypsy Den in Santa Ana (so yummy!) We shared each other’s goals and accomplishments.


One teen mom that I have personally seen graduate from high school is Georgina. Georgina is a teen mom of twin boys. I have gotten to know her personally and have walked and prayed along side her on a few trials of her life these past few years.  Georgina was able to gain confidence in moving ahead in obtaining a High School Diploma. She has been able to accomplish a few goals like obtaining her drivers license, getting her own apartment, purchasing her first car, and working full time for a local hospital. Georgina shared how she was able to share her testimony at a YL Golf Fundraiser event this past June. Crystal encouraged the other Girls on how her YL Video and Testimony has been viewed  by thousands of people. Including at the Fish Fest Concert (at the Honda Center) and at a Danny Gokey Concert. Crystal works for a major business chain and is on her way to a management position. Fatima shared her great news of working for the John Wayne Airport.  She also shared on how she has a healthy relationship with her boyfriend and they are on their way to one day getting married and having their own apartment. Maria shared with us how she now has a healthy relationship with her family. Maria would like to go back to school and one day attend college to further her career. I have seen Maria grow as a young mama and how she cares for her children. Maria has overcome toughobstacles in her life and is so grateful for YL. Wendy shared with us that she and her family attend church regularly.  She was excited to share on how her boyfriend (also a graduated teen dad from YL) is a security officer.   They have big goals and trust that God will open doors for her and her family. It was so encouraging to see that we all wanted to continue to fellowship together.

FullSizeRender.jpgAfter dinner we took a little walk through the streets of DTSA.We went out for ice cream at La Michoacana.  So Good!  We all agreed to keep in contact and continue to get together for prayer, encouragement, and friendship. I am looking forward to our next get together with some of our graduated young moms from the Santa Ana and Costa Mesa Area.

~Maria Randall




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