Love Bomb

We have someone we want you to meet! Ashley Novotny quietly works behind the scenes of YoungLives gathering donations of baby clothing, accessories, toys, diapers, etc… making our monthly club tables full of items for the young parents to gather (for no cost of course!) for their little ones. In her own words…

“I basically act as the liaison between Rock Harbor Costa Mesa’s mom group, Nurture and YoungLives. I just make a group FB (Facebook) post on the Nurture page regarding the needs Myrna mentions and then either meet the ladies at their house or have them bring their donations to church/Nurture the following week. If it’s urgent, I will usually just go pick it up from their house the same day. Nothing very exciting, really. Haha!  My Life Group has pitched in on numerous occasions and are always glad to be the hands of Jesus and serve these parents.  I sometimes reach out to various mom-to-mom groups that I’m involved in through FB and will just set up a public meeting spot (Target/Trader Joes) and let people come to me and drop stuff off.”

Ashley also has the gift of “love bombing”.  Ashley explains it this way, “when there is a specific need, if I can, I’ll help fulfill it. It’s usually a quick stop. Sometimes the girls will let me stay and pray with them, but usually it’s a a quick exchange as I typically have my children with me.  Many of the girls are overwhelmed by the donations because my goal when donating is to “love bomb” the heck out of them. If they need diapers, then why not also include diaper cream, wipes, powder and Arm & Hammer trash bags for the stinky diapers?

Why I choose to drive all over creation for these girls is because I don’t want to just give them a band-aid. Yes, diapers are a need, and clothes are a need, but their greatest need is Jesus and to know in the depths of their souls that they are known by the One who created them.

Providing needs like diapers or a crib is just an easy segue to share the gospel and show them that they are immeasurably loved by their Heavenly Daddy. My prayer when I meet these moms is to be left knowing that they are cared for and that they are doing a great job and that God loves them. Knowing that some of these young parents aren’t told how special they are helps to spur me on while I’m stuck on the 405 or 55 freeways; that my job of picking up and delivering donations is important. It’s literally being the hands and feet of Jesus and I feel so beyond grateful that I have the means to do so. I couldn’t pick up and drop off these items if it weren’t for the numerous people all over Orange County who love Jesus and love these mommies and babies. They are the ones that should be applauded because it’s their giving hearts and giving hands that make what I do even possible.”

Aren’t you glad you got to meet Ashley? We are so grateful for all those that help the YoungLives mission…including those special ones that are behind the scenes.



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