Holy Yoga Passion Project

  Last Friday marked the first RockHarbor donation Holy Yoga class to help our amazing Young Lives Teen Parents. As many of you may or may not know Holy Yoga is a non-profit international ministry founded by Brooke Boone in 2006. Their mission is –

Holy Yoga is an experiential worship created to deepen people’s connection to Christ. Our sole purpose is to facilitate a Christ honoring experience that offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect to God through His Word, worship, and wellness. Holy Yoga exists to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth through the modality of yoga.14877855_10155385003862564_1454388728_n


But why and where did this all come about? Well, Terice Ziemann went to the end of the year Young Lives dinner. There she saw a vision to bridge the gap between RockHarbor Church – Young Lives and her Holy Yoga Ministry. The vision was to create a donation class that could bring awareness amongst the community and to support the Young Lives Ministry. What’s cool is all those that attended would receive a 60 min class with a message in the beginning, a focus on God and the Holy Spirit and who doesn’t like rocking out to Christian worship playing in the background!



Terice Ziemann, Jayanna and baby Maria

It was an absolute success! Every life was touched that night as we got to hear how Jayanna is working and living all on her own while taking care of her baby girl. While she said she was only interested in the free food at her first YoungLives meeting she immediately fell in love with the people and cannot see herself living without the group. Her gratitude and love for what Young Lives is doing for her and her fellow friends is beyond words as she receives guidance on so many levels, but most importantly her love for Jesus.

Here is a great example of how 3 passions. 3 influential spirit driven bodies can unite to Honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The whole crew!

Huntington Beach Club

We just had our second club of the year last night. We started the night out with a delicious BBQ sandwich, we went on to play a super fun interactive game where one person was blind folded and the other person had to lead them around doing different funny things. We then moved on to music and Yousef gave a great message on the prodical son and how he returned home with his dad waiting with wide open arms after he’d left and spent all his money. We learned that our father in heaven is always waiting for us with wide open arms!

After the message we did a really cute craft of decorating pumpkins with gummy face parts, raffled off some fun things and then headed off to the donations table to grab some awesome stuff! img_2903

We had a lot of new girls, babies, and volunteers join us tonight. I am always so blessed to watch everyone work together so beautifully and see the body of Christ come together to serve these teen moms and their families. img_2899

School Administrator’s Story

Ms. Mcdaniel is a school administrator for a local school, she is so supportive of YoungLives and is always encouraging her teen parent students to get involved.

She has a class especially for teen parents and is kind enough to allow us to come to her class weekly to help with tutoring, crafts, and just talking about life with the teen moms. We are so thankful for her and the impact she has in these young moms lives, and that we are able to partner with her to reach teen parents in Orange County.

You can watch her story below

Shay’s story

  Hi my name is Shay and I started coming to YoungLives a year ago through Kylie and Becca coming to my school, it has helped me so much!


My daughter Jojo and I.



Teen moms have a lot going on, we have school, some have work, some have both, and YoungLives has really helped me do all of those things. People ridicule teen mothers but at YoungLives I feel accepted. They come to my school and help me with school work. As a teen mom I rarely go out, and now I get to go to club with my daughter and we have a great time together.





They give out donations like diapers and clothes, most of the clothes are brand new!! When I can’t afford anything for my child they help me. When I need someone emotionally they are there for me, and they help me strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

Everyone at YoungLives is so helpful. They will hold your baby at club while you eat and watch your child when you do craft,The crafts we do there are really cool and at the end of the year they take all the pictures and make a scrapbook of the whole year.

We are more than just a club we are a family, We have a special  bond. Whether it’s God or a strong bond we are all very connected. We try to help everyone!




  • Shay Carpenter.