Fall Kick-Off 2017

I’ve always been a big fan of the fall season because it represents a new beginning…a clean slate…a new composition book…a new Bible study. Nothing yet written or underlined or highlighted. Even as a kid I loved the new school year. Getting to see my friends I hadn’t seen all summer, meeting new friends, getting to know the teachers, fresh new pencils, etc…(I could go on and on!) Anyway, I think this is why I love the YoungLives Fall Kick-Off so much.

It’s a time of reconnecting with the returning volunteers and meeting those that are just getting started. It’s a time of being reminded why YoungLDSC_0612ives exists – to provide faith, hope and love to teen moms & dads & their babies. It’s also a time to reassess which part we will each play – mentor, childcare, food prep, hospitality, committee. We were refreshed, reminded, and encouraged by Pastor John Teter who came to share with us about Understanding and Developing Giftedness, that we each have a call from the Lord and that the primary purpose for our personal gifts are for His purposes. (Side note – God ADORES this ministry and blesses us with some of the most incredible teachers and speakers – it’s crazy!)

At this Kick Off, like the others that have happened before, we were also given the opportunity to hear from several different leaders about the various roles that need to be fulfilled. Again I am struck with the village it takes to accommodate this particular demographic of teens. But what is even more striking is how God orchestrates this village. Seriously…why else would a roomful of gifted people from all different churches, from all different walks of life, give up 5 hours on a bright and sunny Saturday to gather for this training day?

G O D  I N  U S.

We can’t help but to fulfill His purposes. He wants the hearts of these teens and their children and He has appointed us to use our gifts to meet them where they are and to provide faith, hope and love to them. This never ceases to amaze me.

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