StoneFire Fundraiser!!

Last Tuesday we had our StoneFire Grill Fundraiser, over 100 people showed up and it was such a fun night! It was like a giant family dinner, with people you knew at pretty much every table, enjoying amazing food and being together. Best of both worlds!! Thank you to Chick and the others who helped set this Passion Project up, so that many people can enjoy coming and more importantly funds can be raised to help our girls get to camp this summer! Below are some pics we snapped from the night! Enjoy!






Abby’s Story!

Hi! My name is Abby Clark and I have been blessed to be a part of Young Lives now for a couple of years. I first heard about Young Lives through our Life Group. A lot of our group has made this ministry a part of their lives and we love serving here together. DSC_0037

I want to say, if you are reading this, that these teen moms are some of the bravest people I’ve met, with the most grit and determination out there. They are not only raising children in this harsh world, but doing it with perseverance and sacrifice and sometimes even alone. So, with that said, I have so much enjoyed meeting the young faces that make up our Orange County Young Lives Club. Its neat to see them come into club a little unsure of what they might find and at the end of the night leaving with arms full of goodies, new friends and smiling faces.

DSC_0039I was asked to facilitate some games and skits for the club and it has proven to be a lot of silliness and fun. I was blessed with a history of being in a really awesome youth group myself. Growing up I was involved in attending camps and volunteering at Young Life (a sister ministry of Young Lives) meetings and camps. It was such a blast! I like to take those memories and bring them to this club to make it a safe and silly place for the teens to just let their hair down enjoy themselves. So that is my hope for these girls. Why? Because Jesus calls us into a life that is made up of community and fellowship in Christ. And this can and should be fun! Jesus loves us and He loves to see us blessed and joyous. We aren’t meant to walk through this life alone.

So, if you come to club and you see a gal making a fool of herself in a silly skit or game, it’s me, just trying to have a little fun and hopefully bless some tired moms that need a break from life in the process.











God bless you!


Camp is around the corner!

Summer camp is just around the corner! God has been so faithful in already providing four amazing childcare workers to bring with us! Please be praying for these ladies as they prepare to come to camp this summer. Pray that their hearts, minds (and bodies) would be ready as it is not an easy task holding screaming babies into late hours of the night, but it is all worth it because their mommas get to hear about God’s love for them and just be kids again!!! We are so excited for this years summer camp, God is already working and has gone before us. Pray that we would be able to clearly see who is supposed to come this year and be obedient to God’s voice in all of the planning and preparations that go along with getting ready to go! Below is a paragraph from Ellen (one of our Santa Ana mentors) who volunteered to do childcare at winter camp this past January, and how God met her there in the hard and the sweet times.


Summer camp ’16 unity games!!


“It was about a week or two before winter camp that Myrna asked me to think of people who could help with childcare when I almost immediately made the decision to help. I didn’t want anything to prevent the girls and their boyfriends from coming to camp and experiencing God’s indescribable love and grace. I knew God was going to work in huge ways that weekend, and He blew away my expectations! As the girls and their boyfriends participated in games and listened to messages about Jesus, we watched their precious babies along with other volunteers from different branches of YoungLives. Even when it seemed like every baby was crying or needed a diaper change, the Lord sweetly reminded me, “Ellen you aren’t here for yourself! You are here for the girls, their boyfriends, and the futures of their families. You are here so that they may have the freedom to receive my love and to simply be teenagers”. Not having any children of my own, I was deeply humbled and grew such an immense appreciation for these incredible teen parents, and all parents in general! During our time in childcare I prayed over each baby I held, and I felt the Father’s heart pouring out over them. I know He is at work in all of their lives. At the end of the weekend, I was able to witness all of the teen moms and dads accept Christ and I was overcome with emotion! All of the crying, diaper changes, and runny noses were more than worth it. I am so thankful for all that God did and continues to do through this ministry!”

-Ellen Bosch


Heading to camp ’16!

Time Flies!

We are already into 3 months of 2017!!

Not sure where the time goes but ………..

It had been a year, as empty nesters.  Our home without kids was something that took time to get adjusted to.  I was at a point in my life that I felt I needed something to keep me occupied with the spare time I had.

I was introduced to YoungLives by a friend at work.  That was a blessing and continues to be a blessing in my life.

My co-worker and I would take our lunchtime walk, and through this, I found that she served at Younglives.  She told me about the program and asked if I would be interested in volunteering once a month, a couple of hours with whatever they needed.

I attended my first club and that is the beginning of my story.


I cannot believe it is going on 3 years that I have served YoungLives. I babysit the sweet kids while the parents hear the gospel be taught, I cannot tell you how much this fills me with love and gratitude just knowing I can help out the future generations.  It also provides the baby fix, I so miss.  It is a reward to watch them grow, both as parents and their babies.IMG_7711












YoungLives is amazing in so many ways.  I was so impressed with what the organization provides for these teen moms.  The care, kindness and thoughtfulness and most of all, GOD first.  The fact that it provides these young adults with the guidance to know GOD and live their lifes everyday knowing that GOD wants to be a part of it, is amazing in itself. YoungLives gives these young parents experiences they may have missed out on such as prom night, weekend camps, crafts, and having the relationships with other young parents.

I thank God each day for bringing Younglives into my life and being able to serve Him through it.DSC_0370.jpg


-Deanna Rott

God’s Ways

Are you looking for direction today?

Oftentimes in life we think we have it all down and that we have already gotten the hang of things. This can happen in the workplace, the home, parenting, school, relationships and more. Other times, we know we are way in over our head and it will only take a miracle for us to make it through the storm. In YoungLives we do crafts, games, childcare, and share meals but most importantly we share the truths of who God is. Today take a moment to listen to what God might have for you.

Below is a word that Chick, one of our volunteers, wrote and we wanted to share with all of you.

“I was reading in the book of John, chapter 21 and as I was reading the following passage (verses 4-6), and had a truth moment with myself.

“At dawn Jesus was standing on the beach, but the disciples couldn’t see who he was.  He called out, “Fellows, have you caught any fish?”

“No,” they replied.

 Then he said, “Throw out your net on the right-hand side of the boat, and you’ll get some!” So they did, and they couldn’t haul in the net because there were so many fish in it.

Here is my truth moment  – often I think that I know the right way to do something, the right choice to make, the right direction to take and so I forge ahead only to fail.  I end up with “an empty net” and I end up frustrated.  Other times I end up so exhausted because it took so much out of me. I then wonder, “why didn’t God help me with this”?  And the truth is that I either didn’t ask God for His help beforehand, or I did pray and ask His help, but I questioned His direction so I just did it my way. I felt more strongly that my way was best so I ignored God’s direction.  And I end up “with no fish”.

When I read this story in the Bible, it was so evident that often God’s ways are the opposite of what we think to do.  See, the disciples were professional fisherman before they were Jesus’ disciples so they knew what they were doing.  They knew how to fish.  God’s plan that morning though, was to do it a different way.  And so when Jesus told them to throw their nets to the other side, they could have said “um, we got this.  We are professional fisherman you know” and they would have missed not just an amazing catch of fish, but the miracle that took place.

I like this story because it’s a good reminder for all of us to trust God when we sense He wants us to do it differently than we normally would.  Trusting God can be scary if we are honest.  Submitting our own way is a hard thing to do because we are stubborn people. And how exactly do we trust God?  For me, I stop and remember all He has done for me personally, I recall stories that friends have shared about how God has led them and answered their prayers, I think about the truths in the Bible that tell me God loves me and so that means He cares about me, He wants what is best for me.  God wants what is best for me and for you but sometimes the best direction is hard and the waiting is painful. It’s the truth.  It’s not all sunny skies and flowers.  Our trials can be faith builders if we let them and the good outcome of stronger faith is less worry and anxiety.  The times of waiting teach us patience if we let them and the good outcome of patience is less worry and anxiety. I encourage you to ask someone to share a time where they chose to listen to God’s direction because this can be a faith builder and encouragement for you.  Listen for God’s direction and have courage when you feel like He wants you to throw your net to the other side.”

John 2_6.jpg