Want to get involved in YoungLives this year but not sure what area to serve in?

Want to get involved in YoungLives this year but not sure what area to serve in? Below is a list of various ways you can be a part of loving on teen moms and dads. It is not too late to join us for training this Saturday, August 27th from 8:30a-1:30p at the RH Office (3095 Redhill Ave., Costa Mesa). Register for training here

Walk with a teen mom or dad for one school year.  This often looks like doing things together such as going to the park, sharing your story with them or helping them register for college classes. Your mentor relationship depends on you and your mentee’s needs and can often look different from person to person.13716034_10101954799029177_4924672637357191818_n



Using appropriate secular and Christian music that the teens recognize and enjoy helps them to let their guard down and shows them that you value them where they are. It also pulls the group together and sets the mood and pace of club. Enthusiasm from all of the leaders in the room is the key to good club music!



A mixer is an activity that the group does together or in team competition. It creates unity as a group and breaks down walls. The non-verbal message of a mixer is “we are all in this together. A game is a silly competition that just a couple of kids participate in while everyone else cheers them on. YoungLives clubs use the same games that Young Life clubs use, because teen moms and dads love to laugh and have fun just like any other teenager.


Club Talk

Young Life’s founder, Jim Rayburn, said, “It’s a sin to bore a kid with the gospel.” The purpose of the club talk is to reach the farthest-out teen mom or dad by presenting the Gospel in a compelling and understandable way. Everything else we do during club breaks down the barriers so that teens are ready to hear the club talk. The club talk is THE most important part of club.



YoungLives clubs always provide childcare. Everyone eats dinner together first, and then the moms and dads drop their children off before club starts.13419141_10101928332293727_6456958620178091453_n



Because YoungLives serves teen moms, dads and their children, we serve dinner at club. Some clubs set up a rotation of church small groups to bring in a home-cooked dinner, some have a volunteer or group of volunteers who make dinner for every club, and others have food donated by local restaurants.



We have found that most of the teen moms and dads we serve don’t have reliable transportation. This means that mentors and committee members pick up one or two girls for club and take them home afterward. Some areas hold their club near the high school, on a bus line, by a metro/train station, or within walking distance of the neighborhoods where the majority of their teen moms live. Anyone who provides transportation needs to complete the Young Life Driver Questionnaire on the Staff Resources Site.



Girls love to make things with their hands, and it creates a relaxed environment for getting to know each other and the mentors. YoungLives uses crafts (making baby items, holiday decorations, photo frames, scrapbook pages) at the end of club as a time for mentors and girls to discuss the club message.


Guy Time

While girls love making things with their hands, guys love physical activity. During “Guy Time”, mentors and teen dads play soccer, basketball or some other physical activity that allows them to be active and connect with other guys.  YoungLives uses guy time at the end of club as a time for mentors and guys to discuss the club message in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.

Other Involvement Opportunities (contact northocyounglives@gmail.com for details)

-Donations Coordinator


-Washing table cloths for monthly club

-Christmas Planning Team

-Prom Planning Team

-Craft Fair Vendor for annual fundraiser


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