This momma needed something more!

My name is Brittany Pacheco, I am a wife and a mother of two little ones, Judah who is 3 1/2 and Ava is 15 months. My season of being a new mom had and still does have its challenges. Little ones need your constant supervision, love and attention. My husband and I were married for 7 years before our first one was born and we did SO much together! We went on several mission trips and served at our church regularly. But once we had a baby, my husband continued to serve and I stayed back to watch the baby. By the time Ava came along we were living in Huntington Beach close to our family and on occasions my in laws could watch the kids so I can do ministry with my husband at a local rehab or join in with our Life Group. I loved and appreciated those moments where I was serving others and felt like I was actually doing something other than staying back with the kids. (which don’t get me wrong, I love! And parenting is a ministry in itself!) This momma needed something more!13938032_10207775231473371_3712398838205566601_o

One day at Rock Harbor H.B, they did an announcement about getting involved with Young Lives, which I have never heard of.  When they mentioned it was a ministry to love on teen moms and their babies, my inner most being jumped for joy! I thought, this is perfect! I can mentor a teen mom and have play dates with our kids at the same time!! Sign me up! This ministry is for this momma for sure!

My best friend Kelsey who is in the same boat as me signed up as well. New mommas who felt like we found a place to serve in the body of Christ and bring our babies along in hand.This past year, was my and my families very first year serving with Young Lives. We enjoyed meeting all the young families and making friendships that will last a life time. My boy, Judah loved going to Young Lives club and would get so excited to play with all the other kids.  The school year was coming to an end and I made a real connection with a young mom, Jayanna, who was pregnant when we met. Camp was coming up and I decided I should go, my husband so graciously with joy, said “I got the kids for a week, you go ahead!”


Brittany,Kylie and Myrna super excited to get pie in the face!!!

As a young life leader I had to do an online orientation that helped me prepare for what to expect at camp. One of the questions was, who are you specifically praying for to go to camp?  I wrote down Jayanna’s name but figured she wouldn’t be able to go because she has a newborn.  But, I still prayed for her any way!  A few weeks went by and I messaged Jayanna and told her how excited I am about camp and that I wished she was going. To my surprise, she told me that Maria and her could go because Maria was right at the 7 week mark and was able to go! I was in shock!! Answered prayer right in front of me! Also, Maria was a couple weeks early, it was all meant to be and God knew!




Jayanna, Brittany, and Maria at camp


Camp was seriously Amazing!! Everything about it was just incredible! We got to have fun, be silly, get real, cry together, have meaningful conversations about our faith, dance, eat amazing meals together, make friends and enjoy this beautiful place for a whole week! As a mentor, I would definitely go back! I am forever changed by this experience and came home with an even greater love for Jesus and an excitement to get into the word like I had when I first came to know Him! I’m so thankful for everyone who made camp possible!! True treasures in heaven being stored up!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

With Gratitude,

Brittany Pacheco

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