The Power of Prayer

Can I just say what an honor it is to walk alongside Georgina? Georgina is a teen mom of twin boys, Alexander and Brayan. Should I say more?! I met Georgina about a year ago through YoungLives. Our relationship has grown over the course of the year. We’ve gone to several events together at my church, spent movie nights together and had many blessed conversations. Even though we don’t attend the same church, we do share the same belief in prayer. And we always make it a habit to pray when we get together. We have shared our own personal stories with each other and we have come to a place of trusting God.

About 6 months ago, Georgina told me about her desire to have Resident Alien card and also to obtain her Social Security card.  She told me about an immigration program that would allow for her to apply for both. Georgina has lived in California almost her whole life.  I found it sad that Georgina felt like she didn’t belong in Mexico or in the United States.  We started to pray for her desire to one day become a US citizen. She shared with me her desire to get a job and support her twin boys, to attend college after high school and some day get her own apartment.


Maria and Georgina with Georgina’s babies

I helped Georgina connect with an immigration specialist. As a result, the paperwork went through pretty quickly. At the same time that Georgina was going through this trial in her life of prayer and waiting, I was also going through a trial myself. I had recently learned that I had a tumor on my brain. There was a lot of praying and waiting for us both. But there was also peace. I believe God gave us both this peace of knowing that He would come through and provide.

There was one day that I was driving Georgina to our YoungLives Christmas event. She was sharing about a singer who had just passed away and she said she had never experienced losing anyone close to her. I hadn’t told Georgina about my brain tumor and I found myself fighting tears from running down my cheeks. I didn’t want to be the first close person to be removed from her life! And for the first time, I felt her friendship and like she was a part of my family.

A few weeks passed and Georgina told me the immigration paperwork was finally going through. She was excited to tell me she had secured an appointment that was crucial to the final steps of getting approval from the Immigration office. We were both in awe when I told her that I also had a very crucial MRI the same day, at the very same time as her immigration appointment. I believe God purposely set it this way. It was not a coincidence.

I sent her a text the morning of the appointment reminding her I would be praying for her. She texted me back affirming that she was also praying for me. I remember laying on the MRI machine for a 30 min test requiring me to hold my head still and not breathe too hard. I prayed for myself, that God would take away this growth in my brain. I prayed for my family, my kids and my  husband. And I also prayed for Georgina and her two boys.


Kimberly – Georgina – Maria

I am happy to praise God for the following results – Georgina’s appointment went well and she received her Social Security card; I also received good news and am praising God that the growth on my brain was not cancerous and is only a cyst.

I believe God purposely caused me and Georgina to cross paths.  I have learned so much from her. She is such a sweet mom and is so caring for her boys. And now Georgina can start making some of her goals a reality. We are so thankful for God’s grace during this trying period. We feel so blessed that He used these circumstances to strengthen our relationship with each other as well as our belief that through prayer, anything is possible!

~Maria Randall
YoungLives mentor

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