It Started With Maria

It started with Maria, one of our YoungLives leaders reaching out to us.

She wanted to replicate the flower bouquets the teen moms would typically receive at the May Club Nights in honor of Mother’s Day. How to do that when we weren’t gathering would be hard. She offered to personally put together 20 bouquets along with some really pretty jewelry (donated by friends that have online shops), and a handwritten note. She then reached out and asked if we would be able to gather volunteers to help deliver the special surprises to 20 of the young moms. We were overwhelmed with the sweetness of the offer and thought, could we get others to step in and make some additional bouquets? Well, that idea of 20 bouquets turned into 85+ bouquets and notes gathered and delivered by 25+ volunteers to at least 10 different cities in Orange County! I mean come on!!! How INCREDIBLE are the hearts of these volunteers we get to be involved with?!!! Hearts that move by the love of Jesus. Hearts that desire to be light, bring smiles, and say, “Young mom, we see YOU and we think you are AMAZING!”

During this pandemic, the already challenging circumstances of being a teenage, single mom has elevated to a whole other level. Juggling 24/7 child caring, high school distance-learning, in some cases jobs, and the ever looming economic hardships are just a few reminders of their fragility. Please pray for these brave + strong young women.

We are truly humbled to serve alongside so many selfless people.

~North OC YoungLives Staff

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