Let’s Get Him Back to Work

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  Genesis 50:20

This pandemic is no joke. We all see the rising numbers of confirmed cases, and the deaths. It is hard to not let sadness set in. For some even harder to not let it settle into hopelessness. 

But God. 

We are weary of being inside, thinking about the missed opportunities, disappointments of unmet expectations, and the overall unending changes that are by-products of the Coronavirus. 

But God.

Here at YoungLives, just like everyone else across the world, we have had to learn new ways to reach out. New ways to remind the teens that we are still here for them. That can seem overwhelming when a ministry such as YoungLives consists of so much contact time with local teens and their kids, one-on-one time, group events, etc…

But God. He has His eyes on these families and just as He has always done, He has provided a way for us to continue to tell them they are seen and loved.


Just a few days ago this photo was sent from one of our alumni teens. A young man working hard to provide for his family, his truck was broken into, and all his tools were taken. Feeling pretty defeated, he cancelled the jobs he had lined up. Thankfully though, he reached out. Then we reached out. Then God reached down, showed all of us He sees us. Within two days, thanks to so many people, tools were given, monetary donations, gift card to the tool store – and just like that, this young man is back in business. But God.

~North OC YoungLives Staff