Crafting + Caring

I learned about YoungLives through the school I work at. Volunteers from YoungLives come and speak to our high school teen moms and they love it. My first involvement was last year at the Prom they hold for local teen moms and teen dads – I helped out with childcare. From there I dove in and went to Summer Camp at Lost Canyon in Arizona and helped with childcare for the week. I initially signed up for the camp hoping to get the young moms at the school to go – you know, help them to feel a little more comfortable with going and bringing their children since they know me from school. Summer camp was an unbelievable experience! From then on, I knew I wanted to get more involved in this wonderful organization.


I attended the YoungLives Fall Kickoff (volunteer interest meeting) back in August. I figured I could step in and help with childcare since that’s what I know. Well, until lunch  when I sat next to Myrna. She put a little bug in my ear saying that the Santa Ana Club was in need of a craft person and she heard that I like crafts. Myrna asked me to think about it and pray about it. I was unsure and nervous. I felt like it was a big job and I just wasn’t too confident. I came across this quote and it fit:

“When God calls you to do something it isn’t your job to decide if  you’re good enough or if you know how to, or if it fits into the plans you have laid out for your life. It is simply your job to obey.” To say the least I’ve been leading the craft at the Santa Ana Club every month since then!


During the monthly Club craft time, we all join at a long table, the moms and the leaders,  which gives us a chance to share and talk with one another while enjoying a little craft time. Getting to know the girls and their families is so nice. Some of the girls have started asking me at the beginning of each club what the craft is going to be. To hear them say that they look forward to what I set up for them along with their excitement fills my heart. Club brings so much joy and everyone makes you so welcome.


At times I feel that I might not really be doing much in my small role yet when a mom comes up, hugs me, and calls me by name it makes me so thankful to be a part of their lives, even if it may be for a small moment in time. I feel God led me here for a reason.

It is an honor to serve with YoungLives and all who are involved.

~Yvette Reynoso, Craft Leader

2 thoughts on “Crafting + Caring

    • Your thoughtful crafts have made clubs even more special. I love how the girls wanted craft ideas to donate home during the pandemic. You are special!!!

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