Full Circle, Giving Back

The first time I was introduced to YoungLives was through my older sister Alyn. She was a teen mom at the age of 18 with my blessing of a nephew, Jr. A friend of Alyn’s invited her to attend this wonderful group of teen moms and a community who help them in November of 2014. I was living with Alyn at the time and I will never forget the nights she would come home from these events, not only with her hands full of baby stuff for my nephew but her eyes and attitude filled with joy and happiness. It filled my own heart with joy to see how these people, who we barely knew, could have such a great impact on her small family. Their ability to give what might seem like so little created something much greater for teen moms; from clothes to a well spent evening with dinner, and a great message from their own experience through their own parenting journeys and how our Lord has touched their hearts and lives, and to top it off, a wonderful craft to go home with.


I would only hear all these things from my sister, who would tell me everything they provided for her and how excited she would be each month about attending the next YoungLives. This touched the deepest part of my heart! After a couple years, God blessed me with a home here in HB in not only a home that is a blessing but with a wonderful lady named Kimberly who had mentored my sister during her time in YoungLives. Kimberly had also hosted my sister Alyn and her family at a previous time.

After reflecting on what these events have done for my family and our lives, and now being closer to this community, more than ever, I felt in my heart, to give and help out in anyway that I could. So, I signed up to volunteer for childcare at YoungLives because I love spending time with such wonderful people, who make all this happen for the teen moms and getting the chance to be part of this amazing community!

IMG_1254 copy

Then I heard of the opportunity to make/bring a meal for the October’s 2018 club night – I didn’t hesitate to do so because what they have given to my life is nothing compared to providing a meal made possible with the help of Kimberly and God. Just being able to serve them during that night and getting feedback on how they enjoyed the meal brought me back to those days my sister would come back home with happiness and joy in her eyes and heart.

I’m so proud to say I’m happy to be part of the YoungLives community and be able to see how much they do for these young families. Recently I even invited one of my close friends to attend so that she could experience this great journey with me! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this!!!

Proverbs 3:3-4 :: Let love and faithfulness never leave you: bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.

Keila Orihuela, Childcare Volunteer and Amazing Cook!