Santa Ana Club Night

Maria, our Santa Ana Club Coordinator and Committee Member takes a look back at Club Night in Santa Ana last week with a great recap.
Last week we had a Halloween Theme for Santa Ana Club. As preparations and set up got underway, the first thing I noticed was Laura and the food team setting up the food table, and second, I saw Tricia decorating the dinner tables with very creative Halloween themed centerpieces. The room quickly filled with families, volunteers and even a group of high schoolers from Santa Ana High School that came to help out.

Laura  surprised us with a special lasagna dinner and as an extra special treat, a couple of ladies brought dessert to sweeten up  the evening. Halloween candy was found in several areas making for a festive evening!

During the Club Talk, Theresa, one of our mentors, shared her personal testimony. She shared about a big storm that she had to walk through but how God got her through that storm and answered her prayers. Her testimony was not only personal but I also believe that a lot of the teens in the room could relate her story to storms in their own lives. Theresa shared a story of hope and also a testimony of how God answered her prayers. After Club Talk, the teen parents had small group time with mentors and friends giving them the opportunity to express themselves and ask for prayer.
At the end of  the night the  teen moms enjoyed craft time that I had the honor of leading.  The  young mamas were able to make a Halloween theme bead bracelet.  I love
craft time since it gives the girls a chance to break away from their every day routines and get a little creative.  I enjoy seeing each one of their personalities and creativity expressed  into the craft.  Craft time also gives the teen moms and mentors  the opportunity to get to know each other, bond, and have a few giggles in between.

♥ Maria and a YoungLives alumni

On a personal note, I love what God is doing in the YoungLives ministry. This year we have been blessed with many new volunteers and I love getting to know them as we walk through and serve in this ministry together.

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