When the “Justs” are Life Giving

Last Thursday night kicked off the season at our Huntington Beach Club location. For me, this is my 4th year serving with YoungLives and it felt like I was walking into a huge room full of friends. And some, I had never met before, but still the feeling of joy and unity seemed to permeate the room. There is a Community Group from Branches HB church that started showing up last year to serve. They would walk in and say “what do you need us to do?” and we would find ways they could help. Every other month they walked in and said “what do you need us to do?” Last Thursday I walked in and saw that this same Community Group had prepared a delicious dinner for everyone and then served it. Then they headed to Child Care to look after the babies while the teen parents had some time to enjoy the evening. They “know” what to do! And everyone has benefitted from their commitment.


After dinner, we did the usual – a fun game that got everyone laughing, music by Stevie to get us all singing, and a great message from Myrna to get everyone thinking and reflecting on God. Because at the core of what YoungLives does, the heart of this night is to get everyone thinking and reflecting on Who God is and how does He fit into our hearts and lives? After the message, all the girls head into the craft room and we assembled in small groups to talk about the message and then create. On this night, Tracy and Eden showed how to make pretty slime. Not the typical green slime, but pink, purple, blue and glittery slime. The moms loved it and I’m sure their kiddos loved it the next day! As all the teens headed out for the night, they each had the opportunity to pick out new backpacks that had been donated for them.


While driving one of the moms and her baby home she said, “I wish you guys had this every week.  It’s the highlight of my month.  You don’t need to make it all fancy and serve dinner every week, just get us all together.” That really moved me. I sometimes don’t realize how much these club nights mean to these moms, dads and babies. Those of us who help out think – well I’m “just” driving a teen to club, or I’m “just” welcoming and checking everyone in, or I’m “just” cooking dinner and serving it, or I’m “just” watching babies, I “just” mentor, or I “just” come and play a few songs, or I “just” tear down afterwards and clean up. These “justs” are LIFE GIVING and possibly LIFE CHANGING.  So, if you ever feel the nudge to serve, but wonder what your small part will mean, please remember that all the small parts come together to mean the world to these young parents. And they appreciate all you do. God appreciates all we do for His children. I’m thankful I “just” get to do something here at YoungLives.


Lisa Bryan ~ Prayer Team, Committee Member, Club Volunteer

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