You Don’t Owe Us Anything

In July North OC YoungLives was able to host our first ever summer “dad’s camp weekend”, with some of the teen dads we’ve mentored over the last school year. God showed up BIG time over this weekend and we were blessed beyond belief with great conversation about Jesus and who He is to these dads. It was amazing to see how God works in the simplest ways by allowing these guys a weekend of fun and fellowship, away from what can often times be tough and stressful situations at home. I was able to see Jesus show up in the joy on these dad’s faces as we hung out over the weekend.

We were given the opportunity to stay at an amazing home with a pool, basketball court, BBQ, and awesome backyard setting.  We took the dads to a trampoline park, the beach, and spent a lot of time cooking and eating some great meals together. In the schedule, we had set aside specific times to talk about God but it was so cool to see the dads wanting to talk about life and God a lot more outside of these times as well.


On one of the days we were driving home from the beach, one of the guys asked me, “Why do you and the other mentors do this? You take off time from work, time away from your families, and you don’t owe us anything.” This question really took me aback and I had to think about it and then responded with the answer, “Jesus would do it, and we want to show you a glimpse of how Jesus loves each and every one of his children.”


The ability to work with these young dads has been an amazing blessing to me and has made me realize truly how much Jesus loves us and how simple it is to be an example and a light into these dads lives simply by showing them love and having some fun! I have seen God show up in some miraculous ways during my times at club, camps, and in mentoring the dads.


Joey (on the right), with one of our YoungLives guys.

Joey Wagner, YoungLives Mentor

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