Trading Hands at the Annual Craft Fair

What an amazing day! Our 6th Annual YoungLives Pancake Breakfast & Craft Fair Fundraiser. Though we were up extra early, even with kids, it was a blessing arriving to Lake Park bright and early to see so many setting up tables, laying out their crafts, and bringing their art to life, all in the name of love. While the men, mostly, were making sure stomachs would not be left empty by way of a five dollar breakfast consisting of pancakes, sausages, juice and coffee, we saw all sorts showing up to help make the day memorable. 

DSC_0438As kids filled into the bounce house, or cashed in for a scenic hay ride around the front of the boy scouts cabin; jewelry, cloth, clothes, flora, paintings, photographs, oils, dolls, and freshly picked tomatoes and even eggs from the garden, traded hands.

Not only was the day a success because we were able to raise money for the cause of sending local teen moms and their babies to summer camp, but everywhere you looked, the community was at work, doing their part, smiles on faces and all.

While my family and I are engaged through out the year in so many special YoungLives events, this one sits atop our list as a favorite. There’s something about being out in a park, where people gather, simply eating food, connecting, and yes I can say it, pouring out love.

As the early morning fog began to withdraw there must have been hundreds who made their way out. At one time two truckers, and their 18 wheeler came by for a meal, probably due to the many kids, my son being one of them, dancing atop the brick built in bbq yelling at passers by to, “Come and get yer pancakes!”

IMG_1178Writing this and looking back, as one who is involved in the process from start to finish, seeing all the emails, phone calls, collecting required permits, along with the buying and creating that goes into the day, I can say in all honesty that as soon as the last table is folded, and even as the last car trunk is slammed, you drive away from Lake Park on that day a little let down that you have to wait a whole 365 days until we all get to do it again.

The blessing? That YoungLives is only able to do so much, because so many, have given so much. Through this event, many teen moms will be leaving this coming Tuesday for an unforgettable week of camp for even more encouragement and love.

With much love, Tracy Sumner

(Tracy teaches crafts to the teen moms at our monthly Club Nights as well as the Craft Coordinator for the Annual Pancake Breakfast & Craft Fair)