Tightly Stretched Between Motherhood & High School

Remember the days in elementary school when it felt like summer vacation was a million years away? I remember it feeling like an eternity. A little dramatic, I know, but it dragged on forever. Now it seems like months fly by unnoticed. We had our final meeting of the school year for YoungLives Club last Thursday and it seems like we were just getting started. Wasn’t it just Christmas?! The girls still have a few classes to complete and finals to take but, for the most part, this school year is behind us. Of course, we still have prom in a couple of weeks so we do have that to look forward to. But Club is always a very special time of sharing and fellowship with these teen families and it’s always a blessing. The structure is always the same but the actual events differ greatly from week to week. We have the privilege of being part of their lives as they navigate family life and teen life.


Imagine a day in the life of a teen mom as she’s tightly stretched between motherhood and finishing high school. As if one or the other isn’t a monumental task in itself. These moms are amazing! Their love for their kids and families is fierce and the one thing that stood out to me this year is that most, if not all, are focused and determined to create a future for herself and her baby. More than that, they’re willing to do the work that will lead to that end.

This week, two of our leaders shared intimate stories about events in their lives that greatly impacted their faith. Both were challenged to look at their circumstances and then reconcile what they saw and felt with their understanding that God loves them and has a perfect plan and purpose for everything that they face. We were reminded that God is the Creator of all things and that He can make beautiful things out of dust and ashes. That He can bring something good from the pain that threatens to cripple us. That even in the depths of our sin He stands with open arms waiting to welcome us home, into His presence.


Sarah shared a beautiful story and visual demonstration of God’s grace and love.

May these precious mommas believe that no matter what her circumstances or how bad life treats her, no matter how far she may feel from God He is making us new and He makes all things beautiful. Above all else, may they know and believe that nothing can keep us from His love. Will you pray with me this summer that the seeds of faith planted in the hearts of these young men and women will be watered and tended to and that the joy of the Lord will be their strength? ~ Sue Groff, Committee Member


Sue and her granddaughter Londyn