Like A Family

For this week’s blog post, we are excited to introduce you to one of our young moms, Yessie. She and her husband David, and their two beautiful daughters attend the Huntington Beach Club nights. Yessie kindly answered a few interview questions for us…so that you could know her just a little bit better. (We think you’ll love her!)

Tell us a little about you…your girls, your husband.  Well, my name is Yessie and I have two little girls. One is two years old and the other one is eight months. The oldest one is named Grace and the little one is Faith. My husband’s name is David and we’ve been married for  one year.

Yessie_and_familyHow long have you been coming to YoungLives?  I have been going to YoungLives around two and a half years.

How did you first find out about YoungLives?  I found out about YoungLives in my high school in a teen parenting class.

How would you describe what YoungLives is?  YoungLives is like my second family.

DSC_0268What would you say to another teen parent to convince them to try YoungLives?  That YoungLives is caring, loving, and they’re like a family.

What is your favorite part about Club night?  I love everything they do, but my favorite part is when they teach about the Word of God.

dsc_0261.jpgWhat are your dreams/goals?  My dream is to get back into singing and playing the piano at church to our God.

What is the hardest part of being a mom? What is the BEST part of being a mom?  The hardest part of being a mom is leaving them when you have to work and they’re crying because you’re leaving. Also when they run and fall and hurt themselves, it hurts me seeing my babies cry 😢

My favorite part of being a mom is playing with them, singing to them as they fall asleep, and coming home from work and seeing their beautiful smiles.