Baskets of Love and Hope

As a YoungLives volunteer I get the privilege of delivering baskets filled with gifts for newborn babies.  These baskets are made up of items that have been gladly donated by people because they love the Lord and know babies are a blessing from God. The love inside the baskets is shown through the teeny little baby outfits, socks, onesies, diapers,  and the beautifully handmade blankets. The new mothers see that their newborns are loved and is welcomed into the world with so much love. img_1846.jpgimg_1847.jpg

When I arrive at the door of the home to deliver, I know that what I carry in has been assembled especially for this new precious baby girl or boy. The new mom’s eyes light up and they are so thankful for the gift but more importantly for YoungLives and what it represents. I always ask to hold their sweet newborn (which is my reward indeed!) and as I hold this baby I remind the mom that this baby is truly a Gift from God and I get to thank her for giving them life. Another thing I like to do is ask the mom for permission to pray for the baby and ask God to bless this precious child.  Since I speak Spanish I have prayed for babies with grandparents close by as well.  One baby, I was holding and praying for him, and while I prayed he gave me a huge smile – I will never forget that smile and feeling that God was surely there with us.

Yes, these baskets are filled with much more than stuff – they are filled with love and hope!

Irma Hernandez, Volunteer and Newborn Outreach


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