Chunks of Joy

Every now and then we are approached by an individual in the community that wants to bless one teen family personally. Since we have the privilege and honor of knowing so many of these beautiful teen families, it’s always hard to choose just one. We just like to go with our gut, the first little family that God brings to mind.

In this particular instance we were asked for one family’s wish list. Three days later, Christmas landed on a porch to a very grateful momma, dad and their baby.

In the words of this beautiful mom when asked what it meant for them to be chosen this time she said, “It was a blessing. We felt excited and very honored. I had so much going on. It felt like somone actually cared about us. It was like reaching a high peak to a mountain. It made us all smile at the thought of receiving a little chunk of joy from these wonderful people.”

As we head into 2018, let’s all keep sharing little chunks of joy where and when we can. Happy New Year friends!

samar and crystal

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