2017…gone just like that!

Highlights from 2017 bring back such sweet, sweet memories! From returning young families to new faces, we embraced these YoungLives to our fullest! We had monthly clubs in both Huntington Beach and Santa Ana, we were on various high school campuses teaching Parenting classes, we went to both winter and summer camps. We welcomed new births, we celebrated graduations, we threw a Prom, we helped with necessities, we shared prayers, hugs, love, and day to day life.

We had an army of volunteers that made sure these events could happen from the committee, mentors, childcare workers, and prayer warriors to those who drove, performed skits and music, played crazy games, cooked, baked, crafted, and more!

We were brought together in community by raising funds & resources through dinners at local restaurants, home parties, a golf tournament, pancake breakfast & craft fair, concerts, a banquet dinner, giving trees, among other Passion Projects.

YoungLives has a way of drawing in from all walks of life, from the young families being reached to those that are doing the reaching. But, really, it’s not YoungLives that is pulling everyone together…it is Jesus Christ. He commanded a few willing vessels and they heeded His call…this is North OC YoungLives!

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