‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Club

‘Twas the day before Christmas club, when all through the town,

Volunteers were scurrying up, down and around;

Getting everything ready for the big night ahead,

Celebration, gift giving, and breaking of bread.

Toys were delivered, and clothing galore;

Word was out that YoungLives needed more.

The donations were piled up high to the sky;

The Bradley family wondered why? oh why?

Hundreds of fliers circulated with their address,

Telling all to drop off their unwanted best.

Tops, pants, and shoes, diapers and toys;

All of this dropped off for the sweet girls and boys.

There was food to be prepped, shopping to be done;

All to make sure the teen families have fun.

Rides were arranged and confirmation texts sent,

The kids would get to club, nothing would prevent.

Childcare workers were getting their rest,

They knew that Friday would require the best;

Rocking and loving, building blocks, and throwing balls,

All of this would happen down through the halls.

Clearing their schedules to be with the teens,

The mentors are priceless by all means!

They give their hearts, their time, their ears to listen;

All to encourage these teens to glisten!

This night is made special by the Word given;

A reminder that only by Jesus, we’re forgiven.

The message and story, thoughtfully prepared;

Hope, encouragement, Good News to be shared.

The set-up team, the music duo, the clean-up folks too,

All volunteers, this night could never happen without YOU!

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