Bringing Them Gifts

Have you ever paused for a minute to think about the word Thanksgiving? Well, when I stopped and thought about it, it made complete sense. I am so thankful that I know who Jesus is that I want to give Him to everyone I know around me.

Last month I had the honor to serve teen moms and dads at their high school. My wife Myrna, asked me if I would go with her to deliver some Thanksgiving boxes that were donated by a local church.

IMG_2463Arriving at the high school and meeting the teen moms and dads was amazing enough for me, but to be able to give them something and let them know that they are loved and appreciated was too much for me to handle. I had tears of joy running down my eyes. To meet them where they were at, to go to them and let them know of a new hope, love and mercy is what I am thankful of. To give them Jesus is what I am thankful for. After all, three wise men traveled across the continent to see this Savior named Jesus, and they brought the best gifts available, because they were thankful that a Savior had been born. Bringing these kids gifts is letting them know that we are thankful for them. We are thankful that they are parents at a young age and still thriving at school. We are thankful that they didn’t give up on their dreams, we are thankful that they allowed us and trusted us to walk beside them and care for them. We are so thankful that they are raising their beautiful babies. Letting them know ahead of Christmas that we are so thankful because we have met this Savior and we want them to meet Him too is really what this is all about.


To be able to see the joy and relief a gift brings to these kids is breath taking. Everything pauses for a second and only their beautiful smiles shine. Through all the darkness of this world and heaviness of their lives, their smiles shine bright in it all. Just that alone made a difference in my life personally, and for that I am thankful for these kids, they are strong, they are brave, they are bright; just allow them to be and they will be!

Humbled by a greater love, Yousef Bittar

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