YoungLives Changed My Life


For this week’s blog, we have the privilege of introducing you to one of our alumni teen moms. We asked Wendy Morales a few questions, and she so sweetly wrote her replies to us. (You’re going to love her!)


Wendy, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have two boys. My oldest boy is four years old and my youngest boy is two years old. My husband’s name is Miguel Gonzalez and we have been together for six years now. We both graduated from high school in 2015. Currently I’m a stay home mom, taking care of my kids. Miguel works as a security guard.

How has YoungLives impacted you and your family? 

YoungLives helped my husband and I when we didn’t have support. They welcomed us with open arms. They showed us love that I’ll never forget. YoungLives opened my eyes and showed me that I wasn’t alone. They showed me that with God in my life, nothing was impossible to do. YoungLives made me a better mom. They taught me things about my kids and myself that I never would have realized myself. My sons can’t wait to go to club every month to play with their friend, Aleah!


Why do you think it’s important for teen moms to be part of YoungLives?

So they can see that they’re not alone. To hear other mom’s testimonies that God is real. To feel God’s love. To give them support and help when they need it. To guide them to the correct path for themselves and their kids. Being able to talk to other girls that may have similar problems and being able to help each other. A chance to make new friends and change old habits.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Being in YoungLives made my connection with God stronger than ever! Now in my church, I’m the leader in the Children’s Ministry. I’m taking care of little ones 0-3 years old and showing other moms the love that YoungLives showed me and my sons. YoungLives changed my life and my son’s lives and I’m never forgetting the amazing things these people do. How grateful I am to be involved in YoungLives!

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