Club Night Celebrated

Today’s writer is Kelsey Mendez, who along with her husband Eddie lead the program portion of Huntington Beach Club. She and Eddie both have invested time and love into the teens over the past few years. You’ll hear her heart by her writing.

IMG_8782Club is always the highlight of my month because I get to witness special moments between teen parents & their babies, selfless volunteers and, I get to serve with my own family.

At this month’s Huntington Beach Club the parents were greeted by Colleen and Cristen and upon entering the room, there was a very long table with lots of baby items, for them to chose from. This always blesses me because random people donate to this ministry and have no idea how it helps so many parents and their babies.

Once everyone was settled, Eddie prayed for our meal. This month we were served a yummy pasta stroganoff with two yummy side salads to choose from with garlic bread, and a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. The parents enjoyed their meal and got to talk with friends while volunteers loved on and held their babies.

DSC_0303Once all the babies went into childcare, all the teens got an opportunity to have some fun with a new game. This month’s game was called “Traffic Yam Race,” in which the player had to use a plastic spoon to get the yam to the taped center on the floor and back to their partner and once they had both finished they would win. We had two teen moms, Natalie & Jayanna on one team and then a first timer mother and daughter duo on the other team. It was fun to watch them laugh and cheer each other on in excitement.

After the game, we had the beautiful singer, Kyah, sing some songs. She sang Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and Beautiful Things by Gungor. The audience cheered loudly for her not just because of her beautiful voice but her personality is so sweet, as well.

The message was given by my husband, Eddie Mendez, who spoke of the time when Jesus calmed the storm. Eddie tied a story of his own life, when Jesus rescued him and calmed a storm in his own life, with the exact text. It was a great message for everyone to be reminded of, especially for teen parents that have so much going on around them, that Jesus is for them and that He himself has already faced temptations and did not give in because He is Almighty God. Eddie also reminded us of the humanity of God, that He was hungry, and tired, like us but most importantly that He is God and He is with us through the storms of our life and that we just need toturn to Him and call out to Him. Eddie left us with two questions to think about and to discuss:

  1. In times of trouble who do you go to?
  2. What are some storms you are currently going through?

Eddie ended by encouraging the teen parents to talk to himself or other volunteers to receive Jesus in their own hearts, or to pray, or simply to talk. His message was well spoken and well received by all. I noticed so many engaging in deep conversations.

During craft time, Tracy had stations set up for the girls to makebeautiful mini Christmas wreaths. As I listened around the room, I heard many volunteers asking the girls the questions Eddie asked us.  One young mom shared, “In times of trouble, I turn to God, because no one else can handle what I’m going through.” I smiled as I heard this because she got it and she knows who to turn to!

DSC_0289While the girls were enjoying craft time, the guys gathered together in a circle talking about life. The guys talked for a long time this month and it was sweet to see them all laughing and engaging with each other.

YoungLives is a great ministry and such a blessing to be a part of as so many lives are changed just by the simple act of being present and allowing the Lord to do the work in their hearts.

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