Crafting Friendships

Every third Thursday of the month I have the privilege of doing table decor and organizing a craft for the girls. My family and I look forward to this night so much, as we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend. Not knowing the kinds of challenges or things they may be facing, it’s so important for us that their minds can be at ease. It’s in these times that friendships are formed, bonds are made and God is at work. Heading into our fourth year we didn’t realize the blessing it would be as we are invited into the lives of these young moms. 
After so many years now, we’ve heard testimony after testimony that has proven that all these girls have needed someone to stand with them, to encourage them and to believe with them.
At club they get to hear the word and connect with people who are going through their same struggles, things that we may all face.  But also as practical as sharing a meal, having dessert and getting to shop for their children. The nights end with the girls gathering to craft with their mentors, which means lots of laughter and deep conversations about the message they just heard. 
To me personally this has become an integral part of our family. With my children serving in the children’s ministry, holding babies and helping in practical ways, but also building their own friendships and playing late into cleanup time with everyone. We look forward to our monthly gatherings and though we  understand we are intentionally serving, hoping to bless others, we also know that God Himself in turn uses these nights to bless us. ~ Tracy Sumner, HB Club Crafts & Decor Coordinator