Sowing Little Seeds

This week we welcome mentor, Alise Salcido sharing about Santa Ana’s October Club night.

From the moment I walked through the doors on Tuesday night, I felt like I was the one being ministered to not the other way around. The love and care were obvious and evident throughout the entire night. Connecting with the amazing moms and hearing about their month is such a sweet time. The night flowed so well. Beginning with asking the moms about items they had picked out at the donations table, sharing a delicious home cooked meal, playing a game, hearing from a speaker, and chatting over a craft, there were many opportunities to chat and hear from the moms.


Hearing the girls’ stories is my favorite thing. Throughout the night, over dinner and later during crafts the girls will share little snapshots about themselves, their child, and their lives. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are relatable. Last week one of the girls talked about how much she loves soccer. She shared a story about how she ditched practice one day and her dad caught her getting food with her friends. She described how she lost her dad’s trust and how she had to rebuild that trust. It was great to be able to see that this mom had made a personal connection with Sarah’s message from earlier that night about how decisions we make can damage our relationships with others but that there is grace, love, and freedom. Being present and asking questions that encourage the moms to reflect and make connections with Jesus is so special.


As a wife, high school teacher, and a mom to a toddler, I thought about how I could support young moms. However, it has been humbling to see the moms be such good parents. They love on their babies while juggling the craziness of being a teenager. Often without the support of a partner, they balance being a student, getting babies to daycare, doing homework, holding down a job, being a daughter, helping with siblings, chores, caring for their own child, and so, so much more.

Being a mentor has provided me with a glimpse into the lives the moms lead. They have huge responsibilities and my goal is to gently direct them to Jesus because He is the ultimate source of strength and support. There are so many ways to be involved throughout the night. From giving rides to holding a baby while a mom eats her dinner (maybe the first time in a month she’s gotten to do that). Personally, I have the opportunity to pick up one of the moms on my way to club. The first month I thought it might be a a little awkward, but then last Tuesday was so nice because we got to catch up and I had legit follow up questions. We were able to follow up on a previous conversation and I got to see that she actually valued and listened to what I said the previous month. I think that’s the greatest takeaway: they are listening. So sow those little seeds!