Two Generations

It’s always an exciting time heading into the first Club night of the new school year…meeting new teen moms and dads, renewing friendships with returning ones and of course, the babies! We had a three week old and a four week old at Huntington Beach Club this past week. And over the course of summer break, the bDSC_0046.jpgabies that have turned into walking toddlers, and the walking toddlers that have turned into talking toddlers – lol! All of this reminds me that we have more than just a fun night happening here…we are impacting TWO generations through this ministry. We are showing them Jesus in all aspects of Club. We have the most amazing crew of volunteers that show up with a home cooked meal, cotton balls and pudding for a game, a bag of craft supplies, fresh flowers for the tables, open arms to care for the babies. Volunteers that take off work early to be able to drive teens and babies to club. Volunteers with smiles, hugs, high fives. All of them showing up to share Jesus through their own gifts and sacrifices. All of them showing up and impacting two generations. I wonder how many of them really know the imprint they’re having on these YoungLives. ~ Colleen (North OC YoungLives Office Admin)


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