Behind the Lens

If you get the chance to meet Jim and Kim Sorenson from Windward Productions in person, it won’t take you more than a minute to feel right ‘at home’ with them. Truly such kind and likable humans with hearts of gold. They love the Lord immensely and have served faithfully on the North OC YoungLives Committee for the last five years. More recently, after “retiring” from their careers, they dove head first into starting a production company. They are literally non-stop on the go throughout the world filming for non-profits, corporations, weddings, and more. Somehow, with all they have going on, they take time to capture and produce beautiful and heartfelt footage of our local teen moms and babies.


From Jim’s own perspective, what it’s like to film these beautiful young ladies:

“So we set up the camera, the lighting, the microphone and all the stuff that is needed to record an interview.  I look over the camera and I see the “deer in the headlights” look on the teen mom’s face…and I think…how do I get them to talk to us…perfect strangers that they only just met?

Their stories are often heartbreaking and difficult to hear…but they are part of God’s plan and and it is the love they have felt that compels them to be sitting here in front of us.  So we chat with the young women…play with their children and try to convey to them that they just need to be themselves and tell us their story as if they were having a conversation with a friend.

JimSorenson_2In the end, they sometimes forget that they are being recorded and the emotion comes through…they get teary eyed…then we get choked up and try to hold back the tears. When we create the final video we know that it is all worthwhile. That their story will help some other teen mom and that maybe…just maybe they too will feel the love of God.”


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