A New Season

God never ceases to amaze me in how He works and cares for this ministry so much better than any of us could. I look back on the last five and a half years and I see that He has orchestrated everything- the small details and the big things too!

With amazement still in my heart, I want to announce the hiring of Colleen Drew as North Orange County YoungLives’ Area Administrator! Five years ago I sat across from a table at Starbucks with Colleen and she told me that she loved the mission of this ministry and wanted to provide fresh flower arrangements for our first club- she has been around ever since making all kinds of arrangements behind the scenes to bring beauty, order, and just get stuff done as a volunteer and committee member. Over the last couple of years she has come alongside myself and the men and women that have devoted their time and energy to see the longevity of this ministry by serving as our committee chair. Along with her husband, Tom, Colleen has sat in countless committee meetings seeking the Lord’s direction as we have prayed about the next step, next school, next city, next fundraiser, etc. She has been a part of our banquet team, pancake breakfast team, planned volunteer appreciation dinners, done decorations for countless events, loved on babies, advocated for the ministry, and pretty much shared about it with everyone that knows her with a smile plastered across her face. She gets the heartbeat of this ministry and with her whole heart wants to see the mamas, babies and dads that we serve come to know the love and hope of Christ. I am excited to see her corporate experience and passion will intersect to meet some very real needs in our area as we are given new opportunities, step in to more schools to reach teen moms and dads, and our area continues to grow.


As I sit in excitement about this next season, I also want to acknowledge the end of a season. At the end of this month we will be sending off Kylie Bradley who has served on staff with us both administratively and out in the field with teens over the last two years. It has been a true joy to share the staff roles with Kylie, work in the office with her, pursue teen parents, plan clubs, and most of all watch the Lord at work in her life and heart. The thing that has been most beautiful about watching from my seat has been seeing her humility to pick up the menial tasks that maybe no one would ever find out about as she has simultaneously sought the Lord in how He would call her to use her giftings and passion to love and disciple others. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses her in this next season.


Thank you friends for being a part of this journey. You may not know it, but your support of our staff team is so much appreciated.


With Love,

Myrna Bittar

Area Director

One thought on “A New Season

  1. I can’t imagine a better person for what you’ve described here. Colleen is a ray of light in even the brightest of situations. Congratulations to the organization for seeing this in her.

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