Childcare at camp!

This was my second year volunteering as a childcare worker at camp, both years have been the hardest and best weeks of my life. I was in the nursery with the 18 to 24 months, we were in the gym which we transformed into several different nurseries.

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The best way to describe it in one word is “crazy” babies crying all over the place, childcare workers doing anything, literally anything to keep their baby happy. On the other hand, its crazy in a really good way, being in the gym with other nursery’s you get to become a big team serving the Lord together.

It makes the week a whole lot better and a ton easier. By the end of the week you get pretty used to all the crying babies, the craziness becomes just a normal day at camp. IMG_7384


Seeing the moms come back and pick their babies up everyday with a new amazing story of what they got to do that day is one of the best parts about camp, watching these girls get to be teenagers again is so rad it makes all the hard work totally worth it. The last day of camp right before everyone gets on their buses to head home, we have our last club with all the babies, moms, and childcare workers. This club is where the girls have the opportunity to stand up and say so if they gave themselves to the Lord the past week. This is such an amazing way to end the week, you leave camp so full and fulfilled you forget all about how tiring and crazy the week was.





-Camryn Bradley

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