YoungLives Golf Tournament 2017

I am not a blog writer 364 days of the year. I am though asked to share my thoughts, outcome and goals for the Annual Young Lives North OC Golf Tournament each year, so here you go…

We just had our second annual golf tournament on Thursday July 20, 2017. The tournament went very well, as far as staying on schedule. I again have been notified by many that this tournament is quickly becoming one of their favorite events of the year. This is of course great news for me and the team of volunteers, that the Lord has brought alongside me to pull this event off.


Last year after the tournament, you may recall reading about the faith needed and the battles included, in sustaining the faith needed to pull off this event.

Well once again, this turned out to be my get out of the boat and walk on the water to Jesus’ outstretched arms moment. This is without a doubt a real head scratcher. What I mean is why would I put myself in such a place each year? I know I have faith, however do I have trust? 

Seems to me that as long as we are inhabiting these tents we call bodies, we will battle having Faith + Trust more than we care to.

Last year I wrote about mustard seed sized faith, as being all that is needed to move even a mountain. I told you of the story of both my children being in the ICU at different times in their lives with different ailments. I explained how God showed up both times to heal them, while explaining that executing the golf tournament took even more faith than waiting for my kids be healed.17457972_10213425570532178_5499984615236569070_n.jpg








This time I will remind you of a story of a lunch sized portion of food, that was used to feed thousands of people (Matthew 15: 32-39).

As this years tournament grew closer and closer, the bottom line was dismal. The golf fund was over eight thousand dollars in the red the day of. We had a prayer meeting at my house the night before. We asked God to show up as only He can. I was very much uneasy. I put the debt on my credit card in order to pull off the event.

My wife Chris and myself, are not in the habit of being in debt. That’s another lesson from The Lord for another time. This though was when I stepped out of the boat.

On paper, the bottom line if you will, showed a storm was in the works. Guess what, God reminded me He is not a bottom line God. What you see in moments of literally putting yourself out on the choppy water, is not at all what God sees.

What God sees, is a group of people, willing to put all the Faith + Trust they can muster up and blesses that. The next thing you know, the thousands are fed.



We as a team, kept telling ourselves that though we love these teen moms and dads, we know God loves them all the more.

We wound up at the end of the day, coming away with just over four thousand dollars profit. God has graciously brought forth an anonymous donor to match that amount.

I can say that our first Silent Auction, or the amazing Raffle items we had, or the mini Car Show that showed up stirring the people up was the reason. Then I could say we were forty golfers lighter than last years tournament for various reasons. Those reasons would simply discount what God is capable of. He did this! He took some people who want to help people and did what only He can do.

With all that said, we will rely on God Almighty once again for the third annual golf tournament on July 25, 2018. That is a Wednesday, at the same venue the Navy Golf Course in Seal Beach.


We hope to have Air 1 Radio join us next year and hopefully a full field of golfers, now that we proved we can get the round of golf done in four hours.

Please be in prayer for the tournament. The 2018 tournament will be the last year of having the proceeds matched, we want this to be huge, like our God.


 -Mike Nelson

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