Pancakes In The Park

Kim is one of our faithful volunteers who gives her time serving on the committee, heading up the Pancakes In The Park event, and much more. We are so thankful for her, and all that she does for the this ministry! Here is a little re-cap of the day from her perspective.

1400 pancakes, 1200 sausages, 250 cups of coffee, 10 gallons of orange juice, 17 crafters and 1 bounce house…..Plus a few dozen spirited volunteers!


But even more astounding is the number of people who showed up to support a week of camp for the YoungLives moms and their babies.  From the smell of sausages cooking, hearing the sounds of the kids playing in the bounce house and the joyful chatter of people interacting along with seeing all the people at the craft tables made my heart smile!19396914_10102333795382447_8706201242830779138_n

My husband and I were fortunate enough to experience camp at Lost Canyon a few years ago. It’s a beautiful facility where their goal is to cater to these young moms with fun activities, great food, and a powerful yet fun daily message that led up to the last evening which gave me goose bumps. The intentional silence with the background of angle-like voices singing a hymn resonated throughout the whole camp. It was all you heard yet you felt like you were witnessing beautifully broken hearts being mended. At that moment, you knew lives were being committed to hearing Jesus’s voice and following His plan.











YoungLives Camp is a place where moms find refuge. They are surrounded by people who just want to pour love on them and speak into their lives. They get to experience God for 6 solid days with no outside distractions or influences.  Its intentional, purposeful and a very memorable trip that I hope every mom gets the opportunity to partake in.


  • Kim Sorenson


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