The Last Hb Club Of The Year!

Well we wrapped up our last club in Huntington Beach for the school year!!! Crazy right?! Time flies when you’re having a ton of fun!! I am going to try my best to recap the night for those of you that were not able to be there.DSC_0384







The night started out with a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken,rice,salad,watermelon and rolls ( I mean do our food people treat us well or what) Super blessed and super delicious. DSC_0417


From there we did a cake decorating contest with two teams of girls while the others cheered them on! I loved this because I got to see their creative side come out and for them to just have fun, get messy and create something is beautiful to me. It was too hard to pick a winner so they both ended up winning and taking the cakes home! So fun! DSC_0424We got the privilege of having Tony Gomez come and share his testimony with us which was powerful. I literally saw jaws drop all throughout his story, after the message he got to talk and pray with a lot of teen moms and dads. We ended the night with a little craft, we made braided head bands, super easy and cute!DSC_0397DSC_0400

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