Appreciation Dinners

“It takes a village,” they say when it comes to having children. I know I say it all the time too but each time I do I believe it more than the time before. This is our 5th year of appreciating the village that makes YoungLives in North Orange County possible. Our area is run on 2 staff members and a whole lot of volunteers!

The volunteers and the relationships that they form are the key to this ministry. Their relationships with girls, their teams, and the community are what create space for the teen moms and dads to find hope in Christ. It is so fun to get a front row seat to the work God does through each of them. Some have a heart for children and create a safe and loving environment in the nursery. Others have the gift of service and spend their time behind the scenes by setting-up the space, decorating, cleaning etc. Some have the gift of hospitality and prepare the meal for the masses and serve it up with a smile. Others are gifted in relationships and evangelism and share Jesus Christ’s hope and love with the teens. And then there are those that have the gift of leadership that rally people together and send them out in to various roles. Each of these and many more make our monthly club nights possible. It would take another post to talk about the committee members, church partners, and donors that pour in to YoungLives all year long.
Last week we had a couple of intimate gatherings to appreciate our club volunteers. It was so sweet to see the leaders of each time step up to plan and host their events. We still have some more scheduled this month but I just wanted to share a few pictures of the ones that have already taken place.


Watching the children of our volunteers grow and serve over the last 5 years has been a joy!

Thank you God for
allowing us to hold a piece of this ministry and love on teen moms and volunteers. May your Words never depart from our lips and may we always be mindful that YoungLives and the village that we are a part of belongs to you.



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