Camp is around the corner!

Summer camp is just around the corner! God has been so faithful in already providing four amazing childcare workers to bring with us! Please be praying for these ladies as they prepare to come to camp this summer. Pray that their hearts, minds (and bodies) would be ready as it is not an easy task holding screaming babies into late hours of the night, but it is all worth it because their mommas get to hear about God’s love for them and just be kids again!!! We are so excited for this years summer camp, God is already working and has gone before us. Pray that we would be able to clearly see who is supposed to come this year and be obedient to God’s voice in all of the planning and preparations that go along with getting ready to go! Below is a paragraph from Ellen (one of our Santa Ana mentors) who volunteered to do childcare at winter camp this past January, and how God met her there in the hard and the sweet times.


Summer camp ’16 unity games!!


“It was about a week or two before winter camp that Myrna asked me to think of people who could help with childcare when I almost immediately made the decision to help. I didn’t want anything to prevent the girls and their boyfriends from coming to camp and experiencing God’s indescribable love and grace. I knew God was going to work in huge ways that weekend, and He blew away my expectations! As the girls and their boyfriends participated in games and listened to messages about Jesus, we watched their precious babies along with other volunteers from different branches of YoungLives. Even when it seemed like every baby was crying or needed a diaper change, the Lord sweetly reminded me, “Ellen you aren’t here for yourself! You are here for the girls, their boyfriends, and the futures of their families. You are here so that they may have the freedom to receive my love and to simply be teenagers”. Not having any children of my own, I was deeply humbled and grew such an immense appreciation for these incredible teen parents, and all parents in general! During our time in childcare I prayed over each baby I held, and I felt the Father’s heart pouring out over them. I know He is at work in all of their lives. At the end of the weekend, I was able to witness all of the teen moms and dads accept Christ and I was overcome with emotion! All of the crying, diaper changes, and runny noses were more than worth it. I am so thankful for all that God did and continues to do through this ministry!”

-Ellen Bosch


Heading to camp ’16!