Time Flies!

We are already into 3 months of 2017!!

Not sure where the time goes but ………..

It had been a year, as empty nesters.  Our home without kids was something that took time to get adjusted to.  I was at a point in my life that I felt I needed something to keep me occupied with the spare time I had.

I was introduced to YoungLives by a friend at work.  That was a blessing and continues to be a blessing in my life.

My co-worker and I would take our lunchtime walk, and through this, I found that she served at Younglives.  She told me about the program and asked if I would be interested in volunteering once a month, a couple of hours with whatever they needed.

I attended my first club and that is the beginning of my story.


I cannot believe it is going on 3 years that I have served YoungLives. I babysit the sweet kids while the parents hear the gospel be taught, I cannot tell you how much this fills me with love and gratitude just knowing I can help out the future generations.  It also provides the baby fix, I so miss.  It is a reward to watch them grow, both as parents and their babies.IMG_7711












YoungLives is amazing in so many ways.  I was so impressed with what the organization provides for these teen moms.  The care, kindness and thoughtfulness and most of all, GOD first.  The fact that it provides these young adults with the guidance to know GOD and live their lifes everyday knowing that GOD wants to be a part of it, is amazing in itself. YoungLives gives these young parents experiences they may have missed out on such as prom night, weekend camps, crafts, and having the relationships with other young parents.

I thank God each day for bringing Younglives into my life and being able to serve Him through it.DSC_0370.jpg


-Deanna Rott