2012 was the beginning here we are in 2017 And it never ends!

Hey everyone my name is Amber and i’m 21 years old. I’m engaged to Lalo 23, I have two boys Jesse 4 and Rafa 3, and I have been with YoungLives since December 20th 2012. My little family and I have come along way since then. From when I was the teen mom I can remember getting greeted with love, and given diapers and clothes, to now being the one giving back and being able to feel what it’s like on the other side. To volunteer and be able to give love to the new teen mom’s and their families every club.


Younglives is a big part of my life. I think it’s a big part of alot of our lives. I wouldn’t miss a club for the world. I try my best to make every event possible.
I’ve been given love, advice,  happiness and good kinda sadness.

But in this blog I want to talk about the journey I have came from to where I am today. My life wasn’t all that easy. High school wasn’t that great. I didn’t really have my mother or father I had myself. I met Lalo, I got pregnant, I met myrna and went to club. I lived with a full family house with so much negativity. It hasn’t been easy it never really is but when I need the comfort, I have it from all the mentors in YoungLives. I’ve been baptized, I’ve gone to church but church wasn’t for me. No matter how hard I tried. I had to find my own way to get close to God. When I need Him He’s there for me. But through YoungLives I have gotten to know God better and become closer to him. Through YoungLives I have been able to grow closer to God and grow up as well. Now 2017 is here and this year is already pretty good we are getting our 1st apartment in February. I got a job I love, I work with Mary Kay.15934705_10207820474254337_1036352636_n

I’m so happy to say that YoungLives has made a group for the alumni teen mom’s. The group is call going deeper. It’s just a great group alot of us teen mom alumni come and it’s just where we can learn different ways to get closer to God and hear stories from mentors on how they got closer to God. We bring our kids with us and they get to play with all the alumni kids and it’s just amazing to see all our families grow and get to know one another on a deeper level. I’m so glad I got to be apart of going deeper in the new year  and become a volunteer has been awesome. Through all the years I’ve been with YoungLives,  every year gets better and has had a big impact on my life. I am so excited for this year to come, to be more involved with YoungLives and all the mommies and their babies. I hope more years to come.15910352_10207820473454317_1714794306_n

To end the blog I just want to say for those who aren’t volunteering yet, I just want you to know once you do start you’ll never wanna stop. For the teen mom’s don’t ever think there is no one there for you, there is always someone there for you through YoungLives. We are just one message or call away. We love you ladies with all our heart. All we want to do is help you and love you as much as we can.


Love, Alumni Amber15909804_10207820473174310_922142945_n

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