Blessed Beyond Belief

I first found out about YoungLives through an amazing, loving and encouraging person named Myrna. Myrna visited my school once a week. She would help me and all the other moms with school work.  Myrna always encouraged me to go to YoungLives, but I always had work or some other thing going on. Finally after Zoey turning one, I contacted Myrna and started attending YoungLives. I really wish now I would have started attending much sooner.


Natalie, Zoey, Myrna and Elijah.

I love being apart of YoungLives and really appreciate the amazing people who donate their time for us. I don’t know where I would be without the helpful things you ladies do for us. When ever I have a bad day or just need someone to talk to I’ll just text Myrna or Abby. These women are so inspirational to me.

Zoey is the love of my life, I’m so blessed to have such an amazing, smart, and outgoing little girl. It was hard at first being such a young mom, but I love my life so much I couldn’t imagine not having Zoey. She’s my best friend and I’m so happy God chose me to be her mommy. My mom has taught me so much about being a great mother and i couldn’t thank her enough. In addition to my family YoungLives has shown Zoey and I how much God loves us. I am eternally grateful for my relationship to God and how much we have gotten closer since I joined YoungLives.

I feel other moms should attend YoungLives as it is a very supportive environment. YoungLives offers us an opportunity to make new friends, over come challenges, support one another and become closer to God. YoungLives is a place I feel so safe and welcomed, it is truly a blessing to be apart of


Photo credit: Chloe Atnip Photography









YoungLives always puts on amazing Thursday nights, but wow our christmas party was just incredible. They had a wonderful dinner for us and our families, we played games, sang, talked as a group. The babies could take super cute photos and then played together. All the girls, children and families got to visit and enjoy each other’s company. They gave us all gifts and clothes for us and our little ones, which is just amazing they would do that for all of us. But by far my favorite thing was the children’s Bible myrna gave to all of us from YoungLives. Zoey and I read the book every night before bed, Zoey just absolutely loves it.

I just wanna say that you to everyone who puts on YoungLives. I would recommend this to all moms. They make such a positive impact and help you grow as a person and mother.

Thank you Myrna for never giving up on me to come to YoungLives. So blessed to have all of you in our lives. natalie-1

-Natalie T.

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