New friends in similar situations

As a young mom, it’s very hard to find people who you can identify with. Other moms are older, and your old friends aren’t really your friends once you have a baby. They just don’t understand your level of responsibility for another human beings life. YoungLives has been such an incredible resource to make new friends in similar situations.


Maria and Lilly enjoying the beach!

I was reflecting on this yesterday at the beach with my good friend Nikki and our daughters. Nikki’s daughter is almost nine months old. Her name is Lilly and she’s such a cute baby! She loves my daughter, Maria (six months), so much that she kept trying to give her kisses! Nikki and I are able to give each other advice, vent to each other, and enjoy each other’s presence in our lives. It warms my heart so much to have a friend who is my age, who has a daughter just like I do. It makes me feel much less alone in this world.


Jayanna,Lilly,Nikki and Maria

-Jayanna Hendley

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