They are someone’s sons… and daughters

The other day I was walking out of Little Cesar’s with 4 boxes of pizza to take to the teen parenting class I teach at Santa Ana High School. A couple young guys, that had clearly been homeless asked if I had any money to spare for food. I got in my car and was about to buckle my seatbelt when I caught a glimpse of my son Elijah’s carseat in my rearview mirror and thought, “man, they are someone’s sons out there.” I went back in and bought a $5 pizza (the price of my grande iced coconut milk decaf mocha at Starbucks that day) and handed it to them. They jumped up and thanked me and moved into the shade to devour the pizza. As I walked away they said “we should save some for Ricardo..”

Now I can’t stop thinking about that. “They are someone’s sons.. and these are someone’s daughters.” Someday I hope when my son is in a hard place physically, emotionally, spiritually that someone will step out of there way and care for him- even and especially when it comes at the measly cost of their afternoon coffee indulgence. As we head into the Christmas season and get the opportunity to share Christ’s love with the teen parents and their children I wonder how all of us can make sacrifices, big or small, to love on these children. If you want to participate in what have in the works for the Christmas Boutique check out the list below and either contact me directly or email to let us know how you want to help (ex. purchasing 5 Children’s Bibles). And if you would like to make a year-end tax-deductible donation you can do so HERE by December 31st.

Teen parents receiving Children’s Bibles 4 Christmases ago

    • Children’s Bibles for 45 families (on sale HERE for $5 each now through 12/5)— already purchased
    • $30 Target gift cards
    • 50 blue Ikea bags for families to “shop” our boutique (purchase in-store or ONLINE)
    • 4 sets of Ornament Kits for children to make ornaments (order HERE)
    • New items for raffle prizes (ex. children’s toy, makeup, men’s axe hygiene kit)
    • Gently used clothing and items for teen moms, teen dads, and children aged (0-5)
    • New clothing for teen moms, teen dads, and children (especially if you have a connection to a retailer that would want to donate)
    • Volunteer in set-up, tear-down, or childcare at our Christmas Boutique on Friday, December 16th
Thank you for joining me in lavishly pouring out Christ’s love on these young families in real and tangible ways.
Myrna Bittar

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