Thanksgiving Club in HB

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Another amazing YoungLives Club Night. As we took a moment to sit back and enjoy the company of our family and  friends and give ourselves to those we met for the first time- the teen moms , teen dads and their beautiful children and new volunteers . It was such a joy to sit around the dinner tables to share a great Thanksgiving meal of the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes , cranberry sauce, salad , dinner rolls with melted butter (yum) and the wonderful assortment of holiday pies for dessert.


Thanksgiving dinner provided by Albertsons at the Newland Center and prepared by a life group

The tables were so beautiful with the harvest flowers , pumpkins and candy treats. While sharing in great conversation with the teen moms and dads, catching up on their lives. I could see so many smiles and laughter across the room on everyone’s faces. I couldn’t have had a better time! What a blessing to be apart of YoungLives. Hanging out with Yessie and meeting David , Gracie’s dad for the first time was such a pleasure. Amber looked so beautiful with her long braided hair. Yessie, Cheridan and Aylin put a smile on my face to hear they were working so hard at their jobs for their babies.

As Cooper played guitar, my heart soared! With everyone singing along and swaying to his voice of the song “Lean On Me”, reminded me that we need to lean on Gods promise when we get down and are going through hard times. Cause our Lord and Savior will always be there for US ALL and we can always call on Him because HE IS always around. Now that’s an awesome thought! As for the oreo cookie game? Not quite sure what to think , but Britney did a great job of making those cookies stick to her body! Who knew licking the inside of an Oreo cookie and sticking it to your body would work? Too funny absolutely too funny. What fun it was cheering on the two teams

Oreo game!

After a fun game, “Chick” shared a great message about hurt and forgiveness . “We can always choose to forgive others , pray everyday for them and encourageeach other. After “Chicks” message , Cooper finished up with more beautiful songs “Grace Wins” and “My Savior My God”. Next the moms would move over to arts and crafts where they would create beautiful Christmas wreaths with gold rings, yarn , colorful beads and greenery, Tracy always comes up with a great theme for the night! The teen dads would spend quality time with the men . What another amazing Club Night! So much to be thankful for. Blessings to everyone!

Sandra I. Calvillo- Hendren


Yessie and Sandra before prom 2016

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