YoungLives Going Deeper

This morning I got to stand outside a local continuation school with my hands in one of our beautiful mentors’ hands and pray for each of the girls that sat on the other side of the school walls by name. We prayed for them and many that sat in those seats before them. We prayed that they would feel the Lord’s undeniable presence in their lives, that God would speak to them and give them wisdom as they make decisions for themselves and their children. We prayed that they would be surrounded by people that love and support them in their day-to day lives.


 Some moms at one of our first clubs

As I drove away from the school, rehearsing new names and faces, I remembered the first set of young moms I met in that very classroom four and a half years ago. They had the same hesitancy about coming to club and to camp and they too were, and still are, hard working incredible mamas. As I meet the new moms I
get excited because I know that myself and the other mentors get a front row seat to all that God is going to do in their lives. At the same time, my heart is connected to those faces that have graduated and are now being used in many different places and ways.

One thing that has been on my heart for a few years now was to do more with those graduated moms. After many years of being a part of YoungLives, being mentored, invested in, etc I have always felt like it didn’t make sense for that to end simply because the number of days they’ve been on this earth no longer ends with “-teen.” Many of them have stayed connected and even volunteer at club but I wanted to go deeper- to see them continue to be poured into and discipled. Hence the name for our new group YoungLives Going Deeper that was started at the beginning of the school year.


YoungLives Going Deeper October 2016

Going Deeper meets every other Monday morning over Bagels and Bibles. We’ve talked about our identity in Christ, spending time in the Word of God, becoming a new creation, and prayer. I remember at the end of our first meeting when I asked, “So is this something we should keep doing?” I heard responses like “I am so glad you decided to do this, we really need it” and “I would come every week, or even every day!” Today the girls are asking to learn more about prayer and say that they love having a safe place to be with moms that are in a similar life stage. We are learning how to live out our own faith and seek God in the midst of all that comes our way. To top it off, we get to see those once newborn babies running around and playing tea party and hide and seek together.
I can’t wait to watch the new generation of moms go deeper someday too!

A few of the Going Deeper moms- November 2016

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