To all the teen dads out there!

I have been involved with YoungLives since the inception, a little over four years ago when Myrna and Yousef started this awesome ministry.  I have had the pleasure to watch and see the incredible fruit that God has done to minister to these young moms, their kids, and some of the dads. img_6792

I want to give a shout out to not only the young moms who have had to make such difficult decisions to raise their children under very difficult circumstances, but also a big shout out to the dads who have hung in there and are being there for their kids and their girlfriends.  I have had the pleasure to watch some of these YoungLives dads grow into becoming a better father and boyfriend.  When I attend Club in Huntington Beach and Santa Ana and see the dads show up, it brings a big smile to my face.  It makes me realize these young men are eager to not only get their lives right with God, but also to learn how to become the best father and boyfriend they can be.

It is also encouraging to see some of these dads, who have been hardened by their upbringing in crazy family situations and gang involvement, do a 180 degree turn, turn their life over to God, and begin to try to follow His path, no matter how bumpy and crazy it may be.  By talking to some of these dads, they really don’t want to repeat the same crazy upbringing they had with their father.  Many of these young men had poor relationships with their fathers, or no relationship because their father was never around.  And that is a big step for these men to realize they want to be a different kind of dad, one who is more loving and compassionate and giving and able to provide as best as they can for their child. yl_oct-64

I want to encourage all YoungLives moms to invite their baby’s father to club in either Santa Ana or Huntington beach, even if they are not in relationship with them.  We have a group of men who wants to love and support these young dads by just hanging out, eating, and sharing about our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and watch Him do His work. There are many men involved in the program who are excellent role models and fathers for this young dads.  We have time to kick the soccer ball around and share and pray for these young men as they face some incredible trials of trying to be the best Dad and maybe the best boyfriend they can be for their girlfriend.

So my invitation is for all the YoungLives dads who may have heard about Club, but never thought it might be a good fit for them, I would like you to come and check it out.  We have some great men who help volunteer and love to just hang out with you guys.fred-santa-ana

And for anyone who may read this blog and may be interested in checking out YoungLives as a volunteer or financial support, come lend a hand at our Annual Christmas Boutique for the teens on Friday, December 16 (email to sign up).  We are always looking for new faces to be involved as little or as much as you want to pour out God’s word and his blessing to these incredible YoungLives moms and dads and their babies.  And when you show up or financially support this ministry, you will not only be blessing these young parents, but you will be incredibly blessed by God.  I know I have been so blessed being a part of this Ministry.

Fred Cianciolo

One thought on “To all the teen dads out there!

  1. Encouraging to read of tis outreach to young fathers and their mentors. Will be praying for God to be madee known and lives changed, workers encouraged. God bless you for your compassionate hearts.

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