Huntington Beach Club

We just had our second club of the year last night. We started the night out with a delicious BBQ sandwich, we went on to play a super fun interactive game where one person was blind folded and the other person had to lead them around doing different funny things. We then moved on to music and Yousef gave a great message on the prodical son and how he returned home with his dad waiting with wide open arms after he’d left and spent all his money. We learned that our father in heaven is always waiting for us with wide open arms!

After the message we did a really cute craft of decorating pumpkins with gummy face parts, raffled off some fun things and then headed off to the donations table to grab some awesome stuff! img_2903

We had a lot of new girls, babies, and volunteers join us tonight. I am always so blessed to watch everyone work together so beautifully and see the body of Christ come together to serve these teen moms and their families. img_2899

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