Shay’s story

  Hi my name is Shay and I started coming to YoungLives a year ago through Kylie and Becca coming to my school, it has helped me so much!


My daughter Jojo and I.



Teen moms have a lot going on, we have school, some have work, some have both, and YoungLives has really helped me do all of those things. People ridicule teen mothers but at YoungLives I feel accepted. They come to my school and help me with school work. As a teen mom I rarely go out, and now I get to go to club with my daughter and we have a great time together.





They give out donations like diapers and clothes, most of the clothes are brand new!! When I can’t afford anything for my child they help me. When I need someone emotionally they are there for me, and they help me strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

Everyone at YoungLives is so helpful. They will hold your baby at club while you eat and watch your child when you do craft,The crafts we do there are really cool and at the end of the year they take all the pictures and make a scrapbook of the whole year.

We are more than just a club we are a family, We have a special  bond. Whether it’s God or a strong bond we are all very connected. We try to help everyone!




  • Shay Carpenter.

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