Faith & Beauty Bracelet Fundraiser

Hello my name is Bianca,  I am Maria Randall’s daughter. I have helped the YoungLives Santa Ana Club with decorations and setting up.  Last Christmas  I also had the privilege on  helping out with shopping for Toys for the Santa Ana Christmas party.

The reason why I choose to do a fundraiser for a young moms ministry  is because I  have seen the ministry change a mom’s heart.  I am a young mom and have a 3 year old daughter named Bethany.  I have also attended a ministry for Young Moms and I know how important it is to have a mentor and have a woman in my life that gives me good advise.  Mentors pour their time and hearts into the ministry. I have a wonderful group of  friends that pray for me and have stood  by  my side.


My desire to make jewelry started  when I was young. Recently I started making and designing my own bracelets.  I want to make sure that my jewelry reflects the beauty that God sees in us.

There is one bracelet in particular that  I designed with a young  mom in mind.  While my mom and I were shopping for beads and crystals, we kept remembering and thinking about a particular mom.  She is a Teen mom that was involved in a tragic accident. I wanted to make sure that I designed a bracelet that reflected her. She is such a great example of making other young girls feel and look beautiful. While I was beading the bracelets I kept remembering how one day this mom came to my house and did my Hair and make  up, my mom and I  were going to a wedding that day and she made us look so beautiful. To me that is beauty wheimg_2035n you can help other people not just look but also feel the beauty inside.

The bracelet has pink stones and  I used Swarovski  Crystals.  Myrna has named this bracelet after the mom. Recently we had the privilege to deliver one of these bracelets to her mother. She was very thankful and loved the bracelet.

Some of the bracelets I  designed have the word Faith, Hope, Trust or Beauty.

I chose “ faith “ because every young lady should have faith in God.  We are to lay all our cares on God and have Faith that He will answer our prayers. I chose “Trust” because we  need to have trust in God that He will always be there for us, and trust that God will never leave us and He will help us get through difficult times.

I chose “Beauty” because every woman is just Beautiful inside and out.  God has given us that inner Beauty. It also says in the Bible that God will make Beauty out of Ashes. Some of my bracelets have a Crown charm.  This charm also reminds me of the verse “ He will give a Crown of Beauty for Ashes”  Isaiah 61:3.

On the weekend of September 24 I had my first  Bracelet Fundraiser.  A  friend of mine, named Jennifer, came to my house early in the morning to do my hair.  I felt so beautiful and appreciated that she gave up her time to do my hair.   My mom, Maria,  served coffee,  lemonade,  and other yummy cookies and treats.  My mom has a passion for Coffee and Tea and she used her Talents for this fundraiser event.  I have learned a lot from my parents especially my mom.  My mom hosted the first Santa Ana club  in our home and has invited  teen moms to our home on various occasions. I have grown watching my mom serve in the community and she is always volunteering in some kind of church event or helping someone in need. My mom has taught me to not be selfish and always serve others.  That is the reason I  decided to give 100% of my proceeds to this YoungLives ministry. img_2038

We had neighbors, friends and family come to my event. I was very happy to see my Grandma and aunties drive all the way from L.A. county in order to support my event. My aunts have always been my cheerleaders and they have helped me and my daughter overcome so many obstacles.


Some people couldn’t make it but they still ordered a bracelet or two.The event was  such a blessing because I sold half of the bracelets  I had made. I do have bracelets left over and I am continuing to sell at school and work.    If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet, please email me at  100% of the proceeds will go to Younglives ministry. Thank you for reading about my  Successful Fundraiser  Event.

Faith , Trust & Beauty, Bianca Camacho

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