Young Lives 1st Annual Golf Tournament

We have been doing passion projects and for those of you that don’t know what that is, you can find out more about them here. Mike stepped up to raise funds for YoungLives and plan his own really big passion project all of the funds from this were matched by a donor so Mike’s efforts were doubled. We are so grateful for his time and efforts and it was so amazing to see it all come together. Below you can read about the 1st Annual Golf Tournament from Mike’s perspective.

I love the scripture in Luke 17:5 where the Apostles ask Jesus to increase their faith. Remember what The Lord said to them? If you have the faith as a Mustard seed, you can say to this tree, “Be pulled up by the roots and cast into the ocean” and it will obey.

When I first felt The Lord nudging me into planning a charity golf tournament for Young Lives, I thought I was a man of fairly strong faith.

I remember thinking how tiny a Mustard seed actually is. So our faith tank, never really needs to be full. Jesus just wants willing people that he can use to display His power and Glory!


Mike and Chris Nelson

I understand that. I preach that. However, the planning of the golf tournament would turn out to be my first get out of the boat into the stormy sea moment. I have been walking with Jesus for nearly 30 years. I have two wonderful adult children. They both at different times and for different reasons, spent a week or more in ICU as children.

This may sound crazy and I understand how you may feel that way, but each of my children’s episodes in the ICU, paled in comparison as a test of my faith when compared to putting together the golf tournament. When my kids were sick, my wife and myself knew to pray, seek the Elders of the church and reach out to The Lord.

I guess because this was mostly immediate family and about our prayer life, I just had a complete peace that God would heal my kids. He did of course heal both my kids. That I thought, would always be a solid basis for my faith. I saw God work in the diagnosis. I saw Gods healing touch. I saw God bring in the right doctors both times.

The planning of the golf tournament would be a complete test of my faith. The reason I believe is there were so many moving parts. Assembling a team to help (they were fantastic), was the easiest part. Securing a golf course, web page issues, banquet issues, securing donors and all the people I had to rely on were overwhelming at times.


The team rallying together before go time!

The Lord kept saying to me “I got this.”

Even when time came to start paying the bills for the golf course, banquet facility and car insurance for a Hole in One prize and we did not have any money.

God said “I got this.”


We began in February for a July tournament. In a lesson of trust and humility, I learned that God puts his desires into those hearts that yield to Him. I found out this was not about my planning expertise or my faith. This was about a group of people obedient to the work God wants to do in and through YoungLives.13708325_10209799065271813_6801758335861815553_o

On tournament day we had a couple of blips that God had under control, but all in all went well. I though believed the day was a disaster. Not what I thought or saw coming. During the days following, I had many,many Emails and text messages telling me that the day was fun, a blessing, and a huge success. One individual told me that the tournament was the best one he ever attended.

OK God I get this now. You just want me to say I do and you will pour out your faithfulness in such abundance, that I will be completely aware that your sovereign hand more than makes up for my lack of faith and trust.


Teen parents Hugo and Zuly serving the golfers together!

We have plans for next year already, July 20th 2017, will be the Second Annual YoungLives Golf Tournament. We lived, we learned, we are stronger in faith and most of all, loved by a God who wants to bless us beyond or wildest imagination.

-Mike Nelson

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