Passion Projects

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Over the years we have had several individuals contribute to the work that YoungLives is doing in very creative ways. A common theme that we noticed is that people were giving back to YoungLives by engaging in an activity that they already did on a regular basis.

This is a HUGE way that you can jump in for the first time or do more to support YoungLives and impact generations. What is even more exciting is that we have a donor that wants to make these passion projects so successful that they are matching 100% of the proceeds that are raised in this way! Read how Ryan’s experience competing in a triathlon in support of YoungLives ministered to his heart HERE.



ROAD RACE/ BIKE RACE- Participate in an organized race on your own or with some friends in support of YoungLives. We will set you up with a simple fundraising page where you can tell your friends what you are doing and give them the opportunity to donate.

DINNER PARTY- Host a dinner, share about the ministry (YoungLives will provide video or live testimony), and give your friends an opportunity to join the work that is happening by giving. YoungLives will also provide you with upcoming volunteer opportunities

HAIR-STYLING- Use your gift and give back. Let your clients know that you will be doing a day of hair styling and donating a portion of the proceeds to this cause.

POKER NIGHT- Gather some friends, set the buy-in, enjoy a night of friendly competition knowing that the proceeds are going to make an impact. You can even turn into a tournament if you are that ambitious!

PHOTOGRAPHY- People love getting their pictures taken. Offer family mini-sessions on a specific date at a low cost and let your clients know you will be donating the proceeds to help local teen moms. Your previous clients are great candidates!

CRAFTING- Host a craft night and charge an entry fee, create something and sell it, the sky’s the limit for you craft people!

GOLF- Join the fun and sign up to golf on July 20th for this golf passion project that is already in the works.

PAINTING PARTY- Host a night of painting and maybe even some wine and cheese.

SILENT AUCTION- Gather some prizes, invite friends and family, host a fun gathering while your friends bid on the items you collected.

ESSENTIAL OILS/ JEWELRY/ MAKEUP ETC.- Host a party and let guests know a portion of the proceeds go to this cause.

FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE- Decide on a fee to join the league, come up with a prize for your fantasy football league winner, and compete knowing that no matter who wins you are impacting the next generation.

BABY BOTTLE CHANGE DRIVE- Pick up some baby bottles and have your lifegroup fill them up with spare change for the next couple of months

FITNESS/WEIGHT-LOSS CHALLENGE- Decide on a fee to join the challenge, set up a text, facebook group or email to communicate. Get healthy and give back at the same time.

BUNCO NIGHT- Get some friends together for some friendly competition. Charge an entry fee and provide snacks.

YARD SALE- Need to clean out your garage anyways? Have friends do the same and let them know that the proceeds will go to support YoungLives ministry to teen moms and dads.

CREATE YOUR OWN- We would love to hear your ideas! Contact John Tumminello at



It takes a village to make this ministry possible. We are inviting you to join us in impacting generations by participating in an event that you already enjoy.

Choose something you are passionate about, set a date, gather some friends, and raise funds to support YoungLives.

Contact John at  We would love to help you come up with an idea, give you YoungLives tools to implement it, and even come out and share at your event!