Something Special in All of Us

My name is Olivia Garcia and I have had the opportunity to be a mentor for a little bit over a year. Within that year I have understood what it is to be a reliable mentor/friend to Fatima A. I don’t really like to say I mentor Fatima, I like to say she’s a friend. She asked me once, what do you tell people I am to you? I told her, a friend. She replied, me too, and to Leah your Tia Oli. I’m totally fine with that especially now that Leah has finally grown close to me. As for before let’s just say; I needed to work hard on my relationship with little Leah. I have seen how club has impacted Fatima’s life and how she anticipates on going to Club every first Tuesday. She always texts me a few days before and asks me, if I’m going? I reply yes, are you? And her response is yes, since you are.


Olivia, Fatima, and Leah

She makes me laugh and her ambition to be the best mother for Leah is unbelievable. God is so good and perfect in all He does. The impact that we make on the girls is so amazingly rewarding especially when you see her impacting another mom’s life. We just started Club in Santa Ana and I have had the opportunity to do crafts with the girls. To see the girls excited gets me excited! We did tied blankets once and when I first thought of doing the blankets I thought of God’s word in my life. How his word has always kept me warm when I felt cold and how it has always comfort me when I was unsure or needed to feel loved. I thought a blanket would be a great way to express how amazing God can be in our lives and an added plus, it would keep the babies warm and the mommies too.


Karime making a blanket

This past Tuesday at club I decided to do sock bunnies, it was a challenge for some of the girls because it was there first time sewing but we learned together. To see the young moms have fun and enjoying each other’s company was a great blessing. I notice that with every craft it’s an opportunity to bond, talk and laugh with the girls. They bond with us as we bond with them and that is a beautiful thing to experience. I ask God to give me ideas for crafts. I want them to have a meaning that they are more than just a temporarily thing to pass time. That every craft they do reminds them of God and his promises of meaning and purpose for our lives. We were called to serve. God saw all of our hearts before we were born and he knew that there was something special in all of us. We should see that special something in all the girls we mentor. I thank God for the opportunity to become friends with these girls as we see our lives entwine and see each other grow and make new memories.

Olivia Craft

Olivia teaching the craft at Santa Ana Club

Favorite scripture: Psalm 139:16-18
“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand— when I awake, I am still with you.”

-Olivia Garcia


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